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Spring Snapshots

Instagram has taken the social media world by storm. From professionals to amateurs, you can practically find any type of picture if you search for it. However, each account is extremely unique. I prefer to upload things that catch my attention or showcase my personality while others prefer to upload “selfies” (not judging!!!). I believe… Continue reading Spring Snapshots

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Tips for a Telephone Interview

It has come to a point in my life where I am on the hunt for a job. Saying it is an easy task or an enjoyable one is far from the truth. With more ┬árejection letters piling up each day you realize, the struggle is real. The one thing that disappoints me the most… Continue reading Tips for a Telephone Interview

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Happy Spring!!!

Happy Spring fellow bloggers! ­čÖé I know some of you are actually celebrating the start of Fall but I am so happy to see new blooms everywhere! I hope this new season (whichever it may be) brings happiness and prosperity xxx