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Urban Chic

If you’re looking to update your style, follow these simple trends to give you that urban edge. In most instances I associate “urban” with black and white. It may not be the correct interpretation but for me it represents that downtown, effortless style. White sneakers have been trending for more than a year and they… Continue reading Urban Chic

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Nutella Hot Chocolate Recipe

Winter is fast approaching in sunny South Africa and even though I’m on the East Coast I am already feeling the chill. I have a major sweet tooth problem (is it really a problem?) so I love to indulge in a cup of hot chocolate paired with my favourite pair of socks! Socks don’t have… Continue reading Nutella Hot Chocolate Recipe

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I’m Back!

So, it quite often happens that we all need  a break, either to unwind or unplug from our digital world. However, my break didn’t result in me sipping cocktails on a beach but rather studying, studying and more studying! I can complain how draining  it was and definitely was not how I imagined being “unplugged”,… Continue reading I’m Back!