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Chocolate Whoopies Recipe

I was looking for something quick to bake but to also satisfy my chocolate craving. I came across the “Chocolate Whoopie” which immediately reminded me of a whoopie cushion! This recipe has easy to find ingredients and does not take long to bake. It’s also not too sweet which is great for both young and… Continue reading Chocolate Whoopies Recipe

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Rings and Things: Shop Now!

When I was younger I hated wearing rings. I felt as if my fingers were constrained by these tiny cuffs. Over the years, I discovered that rings can be your go to accessory! Here’s when I wear my rings: On an Autumn or Winter Day Being on the coast of South Africa, we usually don’t… Continue reading Rings and Things: Shop Now!

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Food Photography Tips

I am by no means an expert at photography but as an amateur I have learnt quite a bit from my mistakes and have taken the time to read many articles on how to make your pictures speak a thousand words. Here’s the dos and don’ts of food photography: Choice of food Always choose something… Continue reading Food Photography Tips

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Easy-Peasy Chocolate Cake Recipe

Who doesn’t love chocolate cake? If you don’t, we probably cannot be friends… Here is a simple and delicious recipe for all you chocolate lovers! Ingredients: 175g butter 150g caster sugar 5ml vanilla essence 3 eggs 50g cake flour 5ml baking powder 75g cocoa powder 1ml salt 150ml milk Method: Preheat oven to 180 degrees… Continue reading Easy-Peasy Chocolate Cake Recipe

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What to wear with printed heels

I picked up these geometric print heels a couple of months ago. At first I was captivated by the unusual design and bold colours but that soon faded and when I reached home I instantly regretted buying them, realizing I had nothing that would match! However, I was wrong. Here’s a list of all the… Continue reading What to wear with printed heels