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Blanking Nails-New Nail Trend

I love keeping my nails short but often find that I cannot be as creative with my nails if they are below a certain length. Behold the latest nail craze: BLANKING! Blanking can be done on any nail length. The process is simple and unique. Blanking nails requires you to paint your nails in a… Continue reading Blanking Nails-New Nail Trend

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Market Stops in the Mother City – Cape Town

My sister and I recently visited one of the most loved cities in the world-Cape Town. We are fortunate enough to live just a 2 hour flight away from this magnificent city! Apart from the stunning beaches, the unforgettable mountain views and shops are Cape Town’s home grown markets. Our first stop was at The… Continue reading Market Stops in the Mother City – Cape Town

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All About Nudes-ESSENCE Eyeshadow Palette

The smokey eye was all the rage and I was dying to try it until I did, and I ended up looking like a panda bear! I have a darker skin tone therefore a full black eye was definitely not the way to go. I came across the essence “all about NUDES eyeshadow” palette. I… Continue reading All About Nudes-ESSENCE Eyeshadow Palette