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All About Nudes-ESSENCE Eyeshadow Palette

The smokey eye was all the rage and I was dying to try it until I did, and I ended up looking like a panda bear! I have a darker skin tone therefore a full black eye was definitely not the way to go.

I came across the essence “all about NUDES eyeshadow” palette. I instantly fell in love with the warm colours that I was sure would compliment my skin.



This palette ranges from R70.00 to R90.00 depending on which retail store you find it in. I usually pick up my essence products at Dischem or Clicks. For me this is the perfect price range for a beauty girl on a budget.


The essence palettes are super popular and are usually sold out once stocked but most retail stores try to bring in stock regularly.



This palette has a range of neutral shades that can compliment your style for both day and night. The lighter shades I recommend for the day to highlight your brow bone and the darker shades for the night to create a nude smokey eye.

The colours blend well together and if you don’t like heavy makeup this eyeshadow palette is soft and light on your skin giving you an effortless chic look.

I love the glitter shade that adds some sparkle to your eye!



Some of the shades (specifically the first four) are very similar and I probably won’t use some of them. The colours are also not very heavily pigmented. If you like a strong eye you may have to apply the shade  multiple time. For those that like more a natural look, this is a positive!



Overall this product deserves a 9/10. It fit within my budget, is long lasting and versatile.


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