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Blanking Nails-New Nail Trend

I love keeping my nails short but often find that I cannot be as creative with my nails if they are below a certain length. Behold the latest nail craze: BLANKING!

Blanking can be done on any nail length. The process is simple and unique. Blanking nails requires you to paint your nails in a way that leaves negative spaces. You can either leave your natural nail as the negative space or paint your nails in one colour as a base.

Here’s how I chose to create my negative spaces


I used all Essence products for my nails

Essence Nail Polish: Black is Back

Essence Dry Drops

Essence French Manicure Guides

Be careful when peeling off the guides! Sometime excess nail polish sticks to it and it may peel off the whole design. It’s also handy to keep a toothpick or cotton bud to clean up the design.

Essence is one of my most used and trusted brands. I picked up the nail guides for only R20!

If you have any creative nail art inspo you wish to share, tag me on Instagram @nirvashna//theprettypinkblog and be sure to follow!




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